Let that little light shine

So as I mentioned before, my hubby and I took on the feat over Lent to dish out our old threads to donate or trash. Over the course of Lent, we had one trash bag worth of clothes that need to disposed of and 3.5 trash bags were filled with donatable clothes. 

It hurt both of us to let go of our pasts we kept alive through our clothing. Yet there we stood inspired by this project at the end refreshed. 

I used to joke that my hubby had more clothes and shoes then me. This was funny because it was true.  I really didn’t start casually buying clothing for myself until we started dating. Even then I maybe bought an outfit or two every other year. But I would always wear my older clothes anyway due to their comfort and familiarity.

With the exception of my maternity wardrobe, the statement above about my hubby having more clothes then me is not as true now. We probably have a similar amount of pieces. I would show you a picture of our closet that contains all of our clothing but that would require more efforts for me to organize it again. I cannot tell you how many times I have organized that space throughout our clothing de-cluttering project. We got rid of things and then throw more baby stuff in the hole that once held our clothing. 

Anyways, as painful as it was for us to grow up and give way to a more mature path of how we look at ourselves, I’d say this has left with more appreciation and confidence for what we have and who we are. 

Our clothes have given off the impression  that we wanted no one to notice us and were comfortable in our hidden space we emulated in our style.

Well truth be told, it will be harder for me to hide in the clothes I have left.  This experience has taught me how much emotion we as people invest in our appearance and what people see at first glance is a clear reflection of our hearts. 

God made me more then just to float around all frumpy and insecure. He made me his daughter, a princess, a treasure greater then any jewel. He did the same for you. Whatever life has brought your way, remember the Lord’s grace is for everyone. You’re a irreplaceable treasure with complex and perfect design the way God made you. Stop hiding like I was, and let’s shine together.


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