Giving it all you got

This Sunday marks Palm Sunday during the Lenten season. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week, the highly anticipated week prior to Resurrection Sunday.

Palm Sunday celebrates the day Christ was   welcomed into Jerusalem with great excitement and acceptance. Later that same week, Jesus was arrested  following the Last Supper (Holy Thursday) and condemned to die on the cross (Good Friday). Then 3 days later, we celebrate the resurrection of Christ on Easter that Sunday.

It is vital as a believer in Christ to take the time to reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us, not just during Lent, but everyday.

In mild comparison to the life Jesus gave, this is the last week of us demonstrating some form of personal sacrifice. My husband and I have been going through our clothing since Ash Wednesday and either donating or trashing one item of clothing per day. Thus far, we have been successful, although every day the selection process is getting more difficult.

My husband suggested during Holy Week we each find two items of clothing to donate per day. So another 14 pieces have to be eluded from each of our wardrobes by Easter.

I tell you, I always knew about my lack of fashion sense, but geez. As I have been getting down to the wire of only having a few pieces of comfort clothes left, I am starting to learn how frumpy my style really is.

For one thing I am 8.5 months pregnant and struggle with body image. I have been abundantly blessed by one of my best friends who essentially has given me all of her maternity wardrobe. It’s a wonderful wardrobe that I am grateful to have, but for some reason I  am having a difficult time wanting to show off my bump.

Alas, normally I bum around in my old boxy tees and sweats. Now that a lot of that is gone, I have to wear the maternity clothes more frequently then I have been, embracing my bump.

Yesterday we had the wonderful opportunity to hang out kid free with our close friends. We went to a local wine festival where I was the DD. Prior to leaving, I scoured my closet for something “nice.”

As this is my third pregnancy, being the second pregnancy to reach the third trimester, I had previously purchased a few pieces of maternity clothing that have been collecting dust in our closet.

The particular outfit I found was a pair of jeans with a stylish cut and a long flowy black top. I decided it was time for me to get over myself and wear the clothes that still had the purchase tags in place. I was a little unsure about the outfit , but like always, my hubby praised me with compliments of beautiful I looked. I really am so blessed to have such a great guy, I think I’ll keep him around ;).

When my friend saw me, I could tell she was a little surprised I was wearing something other then leggings, a shirt, and my oversized coat. She asked about my outfit and I told her I had bought them awhile ago. She joked about me actually spending money on clothes. I couldn’t deny the truth in that statement and I also couldn’t deny how good I felt in the outfit, despite the fact that it made me clearly look very pregnant to everyone around me.

More and more this week,  as we plunder our clothing, we will be experiencing the reality of the body types God has blessed us with by parting ways with clothing that no longer fits within our lives. Sounds kind of dramatic, but in a way it is. We are facing our demons of insecurity with nowhere to hide, but in fact, letting our lights for Christ become more radiant as we peel away these raggy layers.


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