The Struggle is Real

Pregnancy is the one time in life that people are not allowed to judge you for the food choices you make. However, that doesn’t typically stopped people from voicing their opinions.

I learned not to say anything to a pregnant woman about her size or cravings very quickly when I once questioned a pregnant woman’s “snack” choice. She gave me a look that could kill. Needless to say, I now keep my shout.

Something I have also learned more recently while being pregnant, especially the second time, is that it’s really hard to hear people talk about your size.

As a person who was the quite the chubber back in the day, I am a bit self-conscious about my weight and appearance. During pregnancy, this self-awareness of my body grows exponentially with my baby bump.

Although I do my best to keep active and eat well, being a stay at home mom lends itself to all the time access to free snacks and chocolate. Some mornings I am craving a milkshake. Throughout the day, it takes all my will power not to sit and shove whatever sounds delicious in my mouth without any regards to calories.

For me, my baby bump started to show later in the pregnancy. Now almost in my third trimester, I feel like a balloon expanding by the second and everyone is noticing.  The other night I was a bit emotional about this, and my sweet hubby did his best to console me.

He said “It’s a good thing you are growing because that means our baby is growing like he or she should.”

That statement slapped the self-pity off of my face. I was being completely selfish. The fact that my bump is blossoming means our baby is blossoming and that is truly a beautiful thing.

So if you’re a pregnant momma like me, remember, no matter what people say or how you think about what you look like on the outside, a growing momma means a growing baby which results in a healthy baby.

Love the journey and embrace those new curves. Keep yourself healthy and know that God is gently weaving together the new life that you will soon hold in your arms.


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