Indulgence with a side of chaos

Much like many of my inspirations, they come to me in the middle of the night.

I cannot go back to sleep after I get an idea in my head. This is usually where I create new food bites, pieces of writing, and homemaking hacks. 

This pregnancy has been one to assist in the development of eccentric food pairings or weird cravings. 

Ever since I heard that Dunkin’ Donuts have new coffee flavors vanilla cupcake and fudge brownie, I have to try it. 

Cravings come and go and sometimes I am able to actually act on it. I woke up with the idea of combing Oreo hot chocolate with their vanilla cupcake coffee. This wasn’t too crazy to make it possible. I was determined to make it happen today and I had a plan.

I woke up about an hour earlier then I wanted to to the screaming of my little one. He totally wet himself and a load of laundry needed to get done. 

Once I started the day, I was motivated to complete my chores and get everything done before my prenatal appointment. That way if everything was timed properly, I would come home with the mind crafted deliciousness in my hands, snuggled up on the futon with a napping toddler in his crib.

After the rude awakening, the morning went smoothly until we got to the appointment. Little guy isn’t so little anymore and is completely mobile.

He has grown out of the infant car seat and is ready to explore anywhere and everywhere we let him. Today was freezing outside and the whole winter jacket rule with the car seat made the process of leaving the car and getting into the building a bit dramatic.

My little guy fought me tooth and nail to put on his hat and winter coat. Plus I had to stuff him into the stroller to contain him during the appointment. He screamed bloody murder the whole time and I prayed “please Lord let this jacket to fit into the stroller.”It was snug but I finally securely clicked him into his ride.

For some reason or another manuvering the stroller through doorways was quite a task.  Going to the bathroom with this stroller for my usual prenatal sample was an adventure in itself. 

Finally we were situated in the waiting room and I enjoyed the 5 seconds of calm.

The wait time for the appointment was longer then expected and the native was getting restless. Thankfully I had packed what a friend of mine calls baby “crack” or puffs. I kept giving them to him until my name was called.

During the appointment, he was entertaining himself by flirting with the nurses and midwife. 

The whole time in the back of my mind, all I could think about was my concoction of coffee and cocoa. 

Thankfully, I was able to get my indulgence with a side of chaos. 

I measured 4oz of coffee to add to my cocoa since I accidentally forgot to ask for decaf and plus too much coffee tends to make me sick. 

Now this momma is enjoying nap time with a sweet sip of rest and relaxation. 

Thank you Lord for these moments of peace and respite even when the day may start off with a screaming child.

How has God given you rest today?

I would love to hear what you think!
God bless!



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