A new season

It has been quite some time since I could muster up the motivation to write a post.

Not to say that I didn’t have time or any good stories to share, but merely because my motivation was  at an all time low. So much change happens in a year.

My little one who once was content with laying on his back kicking his feet is now a one year old running around, getting into anything and everything. He still would rather be playing than sleeping. 

I guess part of the reason I haven’t posted in awhile is because I am almost 6 months pregnant and the first trimester always puts me on my butt.

I totally lost my momentum to do anything at that point. However, now I am in my second trimester and for a short blissful time I feel somewhat like myself again. 

So yeah another little one is to be born this May! I’m super excited but also super freaked out. I feel as though I just got used to our new normal only to have it radically change. A good change, but a rather quick one.

Over this past Christmas we moved to a bigger apartment… 2 weeks before Christmas… need I say anything more??

This move felt like we were shutting the door to an old chapter. We had lived in that one bedroom apartment for 3.5 years. That apartment holds the frustrating memories of grad school, the tearful times of losses we experienced , and the bliss and adjustment of our little one. 

This new apartment is an upgrade so to speak. Everything works, all of our windows have screens, nothing is falling apart and we can use all of the electrical outlets! I feel so grown up! 

Our new place is making me think about the reality of our new season into a more stable adulthood. With another itty bitty on the way, my role as a stay at home mommy will be expanding. I want to make this place a home, which my husband and I never did prior to this place. We  didn’t feel the need to put forth such an effort into a place that was temporary. 

Well we accumulated enough pieces to make this place a welcoming and loving home. It was surprisingly easy to allow this new place to unfold itself into our home. A new start for our family. A new season for growth and opportunities. 
God continues to bless us immensely. I cannot wait to see what he has in store for is this year. 
God bless!



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