Lord, You are Holy

Life has kept my hands quite full these past few weeks.

My little one has began to crawl and is on the fast track to learning how to walk. Our one bedroom apartment seems even smaller now that there is practically no space that can contain him.

I also have started doing some writing work from home. So a life full of abundant blessings can leave me a bit zapped of my energy.

Sometimes as I am so focused on completing the task at hand, I tend to put my Lord on the back burner and not turn to Him for guidance and strength.

The same Lord who has answered all of my prayers all at once it seems, I do not “have time” to spend with Him.

Well did I ever get a dose of reality.

The days when I am super overwhelmed, I have forgotten to surrender my day to God. Typically these days consist of  my little one is screaming in protest of nap time, deadlines quickly approaching, dinner is still not cooked, and the apartment is a wreck.He reminds me of how much I need Him.

I think we all fall short of this sometimes. We forget how small we are compared to His great plan.

1 Samuel 2:2


“There is no one holy like the LORD, Indeed, there is no one besides You, Nor is there any rock like our God.”

Without leaning on our Rock and allowing Him to be our strength, we fall flat on our face every time.  When we let ourselves get in the way of His plans for us, it makes our journey that more difficult.

Mommas do not get discouraged. Remember your Father is Holy, go to Him and let Him be you strength.


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