Momma, You’re His Masterpiece

Last night I  had the amazing opportunity to experience Secret Keeper Girl. A sweet and sassy ministry reaching out to the hearts of young girls.

It was loud with a lot of confetti and tons of dancing.

I actually felt old as I looked down at my watch thinking it must be getting late, and it was only 7:30! I was a tired and worn out momma by the end of the night.

Anywho, this event really captured my heart. I was there as a volunteer to lead young girls and their moms to Christ. One of the best volunteer gigs I’ve ever had!

I had never  been one of those people who would pray for another individual to accept Jesus Christ. This was my first time doing so. The lady in charge of this portion of the night gave me instructions on how to do it. She mentioned something about a salvation prayer. Now as young high schooler, I remember my cousin handing me a business card sized paper that had a salvation prayer it. I honestly could not tell you word for word  what was on it.

So when the lady mentioned the prayer, I asked if she had any cards for me to use. She looked at me unsure for a moment.

I felt like a huge idiot. What kind of Christian who is going to be leading girls to Christ not know this prayer?

Once she explained that we pray for forgiveness and ask Jesus into our hearts, I responded with an “Oh yeah! I got that.”

I was a bit embarrassed by this point, but I knew that God had me in this position for a reason and would lay on my heart what words needed to be prayed when the moment came. It didn’t matter if I knew a salvation prayer word for word. God looks at the heart and works through us to speak what He needs us to say.

The night proceeded with laughter and tears. The time was coming where we would wrap up the evening with the gospel.

At that time, the speaker spoke beautifully about how when we accept Jesus into our hearts and ask for forgiveness we become His child. Ladies if you do not know this, God is king! The Almighty King in fact. If we are His child that makes us His princess!

Psalm 45:11 says “Let the king be enthralled by your beauty; honor him, for he is your lord.”

No matter where you are in life, no matter your age or what you have done, all you have to do is accept Jesus, ask for forgiveness of your sins, and He will transform you into the “enthralled” beauty and you will become His princess.

So my fellow mommas out there who do not have time to take shower or to put on make up, or you think that stylish clothing is the only clothing without spit up on it, you are beautiful. You are His princess. Not because of how we look, but because of who we are inside and that the Holy Spirit lives within us.

You are His masterpiece.





One thought on “Momma, You’re His Masterpiece

  1. Thanks Katie! That was nice to hear…I guess the point at our lives we are in when you are a mom is my children do not care about the way I look just that I am there for them as they are me…unconditionally! Thankful the Holy Spirit is along for the ride with us too to work within us and through us and our children!

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